A crypto-wallet competition for everyone!

What is #OneMillionWallets?

#OneMillionWallets is a crypto-wallet design competition offering prizes of up to $20,000 USD (equivalent) for the hackathon and community challenges. This edition of the competition is presented with Fantom with additional hackathon bounties offered by SpiritSwap and Ester Finance.

Why is it held?

People are diverse, and one wallet for everyone just doesn’t cut it. #OneMillionWallets empowers anyone from developers to creatives to build their own custom crypto wallet powered by the Covalent API.

Who is it for?

This is a technical competition but is open to all crypto enthusiasts. If you are new to crypto, check out some of our wallet code templates below to get started!

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Don't forget to join us on Discord after registration where our mentors will guide you through tutorial videos, live coding sessions and regular 'Office Hours'.

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