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With millions of API calls and hundreds of participants + wallets created, One Million Wallets has come to an end and what a few weeks it has been! Outlined below are the winning submissions for both the gold and silver bounties.....
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When: Thursday December 17 (12pm PST)- Friday December 18 (12pm PST)

Get involved with judging 3 of our Gitcoin bounty applicants!
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When: Thursday December 10
Time: 10am PST

As part of One Million Wallets, Ganesh and Brad sit down to discuss wallets and the decentralized web.
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When: Tuesday December 8
Time: 10am PST

As part of One Million Wallets, Ganesh and Sid sit down to discuss wallets for the next billion crypto users.
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When: Friday December 4
Time: 9am PST

With the imminent launch of ETH 2.0, Covalent is excited to launch a campaign to showcase the diversity, creativity and passion of the Ethereum community.

Covalent will be sharing tutorials, webinars, and code samples for developers to build a million different wallets for a million different use-cases including but not limited to DeFi, Staking, DAOs, NFTs and Social Tokens.

This session will kick-off the week of activities Covalent has planned for the community.
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